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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Arizona Predator Management Policy

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission (Commission) recognizes predation management to be a valuable and legitimate wildlife management tool. The Commission is aware of the diverse public opinions concerning predation issues and recognizes the need to increase public education and understanding of predation management; including the effects of not managing predators. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for implementing site-specific mountain lion and coyote management through sound biological practices with public involvement. Bears were specifically excluded from this policy as their more diverse diet reduces their impacts on other wildlife species.

The Commission appreciates the role of predators in Arizona's ecosystems. Actions by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (Department) should be based on the best available scientific information. Mountain lions and coyotes will be managed to ensure their future ecological, intrinsic, scientific, educational, and recreational values, to minimize conflicts with humans, and to minimize adverse impacts on other wildlife populations.

The Department will develop site-specific management plans when either of these two species is considered to be inhibiting the ability of the Department to attain management goals and objectives for other wildlife species. Statewide management goals and objectives can be found in the Department’s Strategic Planning document. Additionally, management goals and objectives for predator control areas will be identified in site-specific management plans.


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