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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey

There are an estimated 930 canine (coyote, gray fox and red fox) hunters in New Jersey (Burnett 2004). Coyote and fox may be hunted during the small game seasons prescribed by New Jersey’s annual Game Code by properly licensed sportsmen (e.g., October 2 through November 12, 2004 - archery only and November 13, 2004 through February 21, 2005 firearm or bow and arrow). Properly licensed and permitted deer hunters may also harvest coyote and fox during proscribed deer seasons. A special permit was required when hunting coyote and fox between February 1-21, 2005 (inclusive) when hunting with a muzzleloading rifle in an area with no open deer season, when with a shotgun using shot size larger than #4 fine shot or when hunting at night with shotgun only [N.J.A.C. 7:25-5.19]. The daily bag limit was two coyote per day but no daily bag limit on fox. Five hundred forty-five permits were issued for the 18-day, February season.

A 2004-05 New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey was mailed to all 545 holders of the Special Eastern Coyote and Fox Hunting Permit. The survey objective was to gather information regarding canine hunter demographics, prior hunting experience, current hunting activity, equipment used, predator response and expenditures (excluding license and permit fees).

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