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Sunday, August 1, 2010

American Heroes Press Top Stories July 29, 2010

Marine Casualty
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Pentagon Officials Confirm Sailor's Death
Defense Department officials today announced the death of a sailor who previously was listed as "duty status whereabouts unknown" while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
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Last Air Force police transition team completes mission
The final Air Force police transition team in Iraq completed its mission July 26 as Iraqi police officials have reached a self-sustaining level.
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Law Enforcement Jobs
So, you’re seriously considering a job in law enforcement. But, you have questions – What’s the job really like? How do I apply? Where can I find openings? What is the process like? How can I score the highest possible?
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Over 30 Criminal Justice PowerPoint Presentations
The material contained on this website, including the PowerPoint presentations is copyright protected material. Educators in high schools, colleges and universities are granted permission to use the presentations in the classroom and as part of the educational experience whether a public or private institution.
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