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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hunting America's Bear: Tactics for Taking Our Most Exciting Big-Game Animal

Al Raychard (Author)

The black bear is a fascinating and challenging big-game animal. Once pushed to the brink of extinction, this highly adaptable bear has now returned to much of its historic range across North America. Today, roughly a million black bears roam the United States and Canada, offering hunters an unprecedented opportunity at a trophy. But to pursue these animals successfully, hunters must know everything possible about a bruin’s habits and habitat and the best methods for hunting it. And there is no one better to provide such information than expert bear hunter Al Raychard.

Hunting America’s Bear is loaded with useful tips on: scouting for prime habitat and food sources; interpreting sign such as tracks and scat; understanding bear behavior through the seasons; setting up bait stations and hunting over bait; hunting with dogs; spot-and-stalk, still-hunting, and calling tactics; hunting with rifles, bows, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and handguns; planning trips with outfitters and guides or hunting on your own; judging bears’ size in the woods; recognizing the differences between black and grizzly bears, and much more . . .

This book will not only make your black bear hunts more productive, it will help you develop a better understanding and appreciation for America’s Bear.

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