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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Field & Stream Bowhunting Handbook, New and Revised

Bob Robb (Author)

The discipline of bowhunting is its own challenge. Successful bowhunting—putting meat on the table and maybe some antlers on the wall—is a challenge on top of that. But if you’re drawn to this pursuit and treasure a sport that requires commitment, and if you thrill to the idea of having to get as close to your quarry as possible, it’s time for the archery season.

The Field & Stream Bowhunting Handbook, by veteran hunting writer Bob Robb, covers in detail how to learn to shoot accurately and then hunt with a bow, particularly the compound bow. Robb explains how to select the right gear, how to practice safely and efficiently, how to operate in the woods as a bowhunter and approach a variety of game, and much more.

This fully revised edition details all the latest gear and up-to-the-minute techniques. If you’ve been bowhunting for some time and are looking for fresh insight, or even if you are just getting started, then The Field & Stream Bowhunting Handbook is the ticket to the next level of your sport.

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