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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Range Master

Range Master Tactical Gear focuses on proving the law enforcement and firefighting communities with work related clothing and equipment.  Moreover, the company is an excellent resource for security personnel, recreational shooters and others whose employed requires ruggedized safety equipment.

Their website is well designed and easy to navigate.  In addition to having a standard search feature, the website allows you to browse through their products and services by category as well as through a featured product function. Among the features of their website is a comprehensive and well written blog which explores, in depth, the various products and product lines they carry.

While most online companies are just that – online, Range Master Tactical Gear is an out growth of a well established and traditional brick and mortar company.  Thus their website contains information on use of their shooting range and, of course, their physical location. 

In looking through their product line, two of the interesting areas are “Business Tactical” and “Under Gear.”  As a consultant that travels internationally, I have come to respect the idea of Business Tactical.   Where ever you travel, you should have a “go bag” in your hotel room.  What do you need in case of an earthquake?  What should “grab and go” in an emergency?  Visit their business tactical section and think about what kind of “go bag” you need and what you would put in it.  My top three things in my “go bag” when I am in a foreign country are: 1) A map with the route to the nearest US facility; 2) Flashlight 3) Half roll of duct tape.

Lastly, visit the Under Gear section.  If you are working a field assignment, comfort and safety does start with your undergarments!

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