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Friday, February 7, 2014

What Should You Expect From an Outfitter?

For most hunters, an outfitter just isn’t the guy who sells you the clothing, or even equipment.  Today, outfitters run the gambit from individual who act as guides or professional hunters to large organizations that essentially provide an all-inclusive hunting experience.  Those who provide the hunting experience usually supply travel, accommodation, licensing, and preparation and butchering of game. 

One such organization, north of the 48th parallel, is Quebec hunting outfitter.  While they focus on Caribou Hunting, they can provide the hunter with Black Bear, fishing and other small game hunting opportunities.  Because the they hunt the best areas in Canada, which happen to be the most stunning and inaccessible, they provide commercial airline transportation to Montreal and then a flight to their hunting camp by float plane – an experience in itself. 

Quebec hunting outfitter usually takes the hunter on a 6 day trip to Quebec’s Leaf River Herd where over 400,000 Caribou migrated between August to October.  The Leaf River runs from Ungava Bay to Lake Minto, nearly all the way across to the Hudson Bay.  The area is far North, rugged, fairly inaccessible, but stunningly beautiful and rich with game.

It an experience for which the hunter must prepare.  And, the best way to be prepared and have rewarding, yet safe experience is through a professional outfitter.

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