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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spice it Up

Everyone gets stuck in a rut every once in a while; however, this can cause a rift in a marriage and the end result can be devastating. Rethink how day-to-day interaction with a spouse is so that even daily interactions become enjoyable and strengthen a bond with each other.

Learn to prioritize a relationship. This means that work, school and other things and people are second to the marriage. This is important. This creates a romantic relationship that no other has access or precedence to.

Along with treating the marriage as a priority, make time for it as well. Even if it means taking a walk together at the end of the day or having coffee with each other in the morning. Taking a few minutes here and there with a busy schedule helps both spouses to reconnect and catch up with each other. It’s important to take longer durations of time together, but do so where possible—even if it’s a quick kiss while passing each other in the hallway.

Communication is one way to learn about a person; however, so too are life’s experiences or fun activities that also teach spouses about each other. For example, engaging in trust exercises can strengthen relationships by teaching each spouse to depend on the other. Taking part in an art class can reveal that a spouse is artistic, patient or some other hidden quality. How we react to stimuli tells a lot about ourselves that our spouses may never have known.

Instead of allowing problems to causes spouses to split apart, allow the problem to create a stronger bond. Couples that support and rely on each other, grow together. In addition, romance may not come in the form of flowers or chocolates all the time. Romance may come by subtle things that let each spouse know that the other is thinking about the other and thinks they are special. For instance, hide a note saying “I love you” in the spouse’s shoe. Swing by to visit the spouse with coffee. Do something extra special for them. Take a chore off the spouse’s “to do” list. Take the spouse off for a trip to a Oklahoma log cabin. Romance comes in many forms. Explore them.

Take time with the spouse and treat them well. Preserve the spouse like a fine gem—appreciate their brilliance, shine their qualities and treasure them for life.

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