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Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Select a Proper Boat Lift

Responsible boat ownership means not leaving your watercraft adrift in water during the off-seasons of the year. When not in use, boats, jet skis, and other watercraft will do best when stored away from the water. This is because prolonged exposure to the harsh elements in and around water can result in premature erosion of paint, metal, and plastic - this means more frequent maintenance and pricey repair bills. The easiest way to take excellent care of your watercraft and prolong its life is to keep its exposure to the water and other elements of Mother Nature at a minimum. This means purchasing and installing a proper lift, and using it to keep your equipment out of the water whenever you're not using it. Order today to protect your watercraft tomorrow.

Choosing a personal boat or skiff lift begins in deciding the features you must have in a lift. Do you want your lift to include a storage bay for your watercraft, or are you satisfied with using a storage tarp or other protective solution? Should the lifting mechanism be manually-operated, or electronic or even hydro-electric? Also, some lifts can not just lift watercraft out of the water, but angle and transport them up to 180 degrees away from the water. This would be a handy feature to look for if you plan on transporting your watercraft to and from the water (such as on your truck, or towed behind your vehicle).

The most common type of boat lift available features four posts for stability, and a manual lift mechanism that is operated using a hand-crank. This entry-level type of lift will do the least damage to your budget, while still enabling you to properly care for your watercraft. However, as this lift is very economical in style, you may find that you have to enter the water in order to properly secure your watercraft to it. If you would prefer to not get when transferring your watercraft to and from your lift, you'll want to consider investing in a more expensive lift that offers its own miniature-sized dock that will enable you to walk alongside your watercraft when guiding it to and from dock.

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