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Monday, November 8, 2010

Deer Rifles & Cartridges (Outdoorsman's Edge)

Wayne Van Zwoll (Author)

Take an in-depth look at what rifles are best for the type of deer hunting you do. This is a must-have book for any dedicated deer hunter. Renowned author Dr. Wayne van Zwoll covers all aspects of deer rifles and their loads and bullets. From the proper action and caliber to hunting bucks in big woods or open terrain, Dr. van Zwoll covers it all. Handy reference charts include detailed information on the different lightweight, long-range, and lever rifles and the recommended loads for each. Excellent advice and information on deer scopes and sights. Dr. van Zwoll also shares expert advice on marksmanship for 'tumbling deer like grouse.' Grandfather of Deer Guns-Prodigies of Rifle Design-Big Names in Bolt Guns-Lightweight Deer Rifles-Rifles with Extra Reach-Deer Guns for Deep Woods-Rifles to Remember- Deer Loads to Love-Bullets for Big Bucks- Sights and Scopes-Shooting Deer Rifles.

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