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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Native Son's Story of Fishing, Hunting and Duck Decoys in the Lowcountry

Jerry Wayne Caines (Author)

In Winyah Bay, near Georgetown, South Carolina, the Caines family is known for three things: fishing, hunting and hell-raising. Jerry Caines and his younger brother Roy-the Caines boys-grew up following the untamed example of their grandfather, Hucks Caines, and great-uncles-collectively known as the Caines brothers-who were renowned hunting guides at Hobcaw Barony. In this book, follow two generations of hell-raising Caineses as they achieve lasting fame carving duck decoys (now collectable and worth thousands), guiding hunters in Hobcaw Barony, fishing for shad and telling tall tales of their misadventures-often staring smack down the barrel of a rifle, and getting away with it just the same. From Hucks, Sawney, Ball, Bob and Pluty to Jerry and Roy, hunting and fishing in South Carolina will never be the same.

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