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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Guarded Secrets To Hunting Like A Pro: Learn The Secrets Of Hunting Game And Experience The Ultimate Thrill In Your Hunting Trip As You Learn To Hunt Like A Pro

K M S (Author)

A newbie in the sport of hunting or just looking to improve your skills? This all-inclusive book will help you learn the basics as you get started. You've been a hunting fan for awhile now? Learn new techniques and current information to enhance your hunting skills. Whatever your skill level on the sport, if you enjoy hunting, there is always room to perfect the art. Understand a brief prehistory of hunting so you can understand man's primitive instincts to hunt. Gain knowledge on game selection and how each animal you decide to hunt determines your hunting trip altogether. Know the varied hunting permits and licenses for each country and state so you avoid getting fined or even ending up in jail. Find out hunting weaponry and ammunition to match each game to ensure a successful hunt. Know essential details on hunting gear, equipment and guidelines to warrant safety. We also give you tips on selecting the best hunting dog for your hunting ally. Plus a whole lot more valuable details to guarantee that you enjoy the over-all hunting experience with you and your buddies.

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