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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moose: Giants of the Northern Forest

Bill Silliker Jr. (Author)

Moose are an enduring icon of North America's vast forest wilderness. Weighing up to 1,800 pounds, the moose is the largest living member of the deer family. It ranges across Alaska, Vermont, Maine and the boreal forests of northern Canada. The moose also inhabits Scandinavia, Northern Russia and Siberia, where it known as elk.

A pictorial celebration of a majestic animal and its place in the ecosystem of the northern forest, Moose covers: - Life history - Varied habitat - Raising and defending its young - Common predators - Conservation efforts.

Also featured are 80 dramatic photographs of moose in their natural habitat, such as a mother fighting off a pack of wolves attacking her calf, and the annual rut when mature bull moose spar and fight with incredible strength and violence. In rare cases, the moose hit with such force that their antlers will spread and lock -- dooming the opponents to slow, tortuous starvation.

Throughout the book, the author includes his own personal experiences with moose, making this a wonderful, knowledgeable companion for campers, hikers and moose watchers.

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