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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar in California

Gary Kramer (Author)

Hogs are now the most popular big-game animal in the Golden State, even surpassing deer in popularity among hunters. In this comprehensive and detailed book, Gary Kramer takes the hunter all over California, from north to south and east to west. He discusses natural history, calibers, bullets, rifles, pistols, shotguns, black powder, and bow and arrows. Other chapters discuss equipment, the six major systems of hunting hogs, the top hog-producing counties, and hunting areas--those with public access as well as private hog-hunting ranches and military bases that allow hunting. Surprisingly, there are quite a few areas in California that afford public access for hog hunters. The book is chock-a-block full with details, addresses, telephone numbers, Web sites, and relevant information that will help you bring the bacon home. Hints on photography, caring for the meat, as well as a good, thorough list of meat processors are also included to help with converting your hog into good memories and delightful dishes. And just when you thought Kramer would have nothing else to add, he divulges delicious recipes to appease your spouse and present her with a decent excuse as to why you went hunting! This is THE hogging best book on how to get your pig.

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