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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Proven Whitetail Tactics

Greg Miller (Author)

“I've read plenty of deer hunting books, I've even written one. Like many serious hunters, I've found that most of these books contain a lot of ‘filler’ or the same old ideas I've read dozens of times before.

Proven Whitetail Tactics is a cut above most other deer hunting books. Mr. Miller understands deer and knows how to apply that knowledge to his hunting. He has a real knack for getting to the meat of what techniques work, and why. His book is illustrated with pictures of big bucks he's bagged, most in areas where consistent success takes more than luck or a good guide.

To clarify his written ideas, he's got simple drawings of funnel points, stand locations, deer movement patterns, etc. One or two illustrated great new ideas for me. Also very useful are "Greg's Proven Pointers," found at the end of most chapters, where he distills his key points down to a short, bulleted list. These few sentences alone contain a gold mine of whitetail savvy.

This book rings true. The more you love hunting whitetails the more you'll appreciate this book.”

--Bruce Nelson, author of Hunting Big Whitetails

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