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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The SAS Guide to Tracking, New and Revised

Bob Carss (Author), Roy Thomasson (Illustrator), John "Lofty" Wiseman (Foreword)

The ultimate guide to tracking man or animal, from the SAS

“Who Dares Wins.”
—Motto of the Special Air Service (SAS)

Anyone who has spent even a little time outdoors has come across strange tracks left by animals or people and wondered, “What was here?” In this new and revised edition of The SAS Guide to Tracking, Bob Carss—a veteran of Britain’s elite SAS—shows how to track any moving thing, in any environment, and under nearly any circumstance. 

Included are tips on:

  Tracking in desert, forest, jungle, marshy, rocky, and mountainous terrain
  Interpreting animal, human, and vehicle signs
  Preserving night vision
  Using time frames to eliminate misleading signs
  Detecting prey when they backtrack or circle around
  Knowing how time and weather affect signs
  Recognizing how to spot intentionally misleading signs

An essential handbook for developing a new awareness of the outdoors, The SAS Guide to Tracking is the perfect companion for naturalists, outdoorspeople, hunters, wildlife photographers, youth leaders, search-and-rescue teams, outdoor pursuit and military instructors, and law enforcement organizations.

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