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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hunting with Hemingway: Based on the Stories of Leicester Hemingway

Hilary Hemingway (Author)

An amazing twist of a tale that will itself become part of the Hemingway legacy.

Fifteen years after the death of her father, Leicester, Hilary Hemingway received her curious inheritance--a cassette tape recorded on one of the many evenings he had held court around a campfire on their Miami Beach estate, telling tales of narrow escapes on hunting trips with his brother Ernest: hunting crocodile in the dark, chasing vicious wild ostrich, and stalking a tiger that, moments before, had carried off a safari guide. Ernest inspired his younger brother to feats of daring, always stepping in to save his life in the nick of time when Leicester's bravado outweighed his common sense.

In Hunting with Hemingway, Leicester Hemingway's larger-than-life stories are transcribed by his daughter, and, in alternating chapters, Hilary Hemingway describes her reaction to her father's outrageous exploits. Were the stories even true? she wondered. Delving into her family legacy, she and her young daughter set out on their own suspenseful adventure in search of an answer. As they uncover clues to the origin of the tape, Leicester Hemingway's stories, which she had never heard as a child, give her a new perspective on the father she had known and loved, and whose suicide she had never forgiven.Hunting with Hemingway reveals Leicester Hemingway as a master storyteller who holds his audience breathless. Following in the family tradition, with the help of her husband, Jeff Lindsay, his daughter takes us on a surprising journey of her own.

"You have to understand how it was...when Papa made up his mind to do a thing..." --Leicester Hemingway

About the Author
Hilary Hemingway, an award-winning screenwriter and a writer for The Miami Herald, Interview, and Harper's Bazaar, is the executive director of the International Hemingway Festival.

Jeffry P. Lindsay writes a syndicated column called "Fatherhood" and is the director of the Ernest Hemingway Literary Conference. They live in southwest Florida.

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