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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting: Hunt Like a Pro with These Easy Tips

H. Lea Lawrence (Author)

A complete guide, with up-to-date information on modern, high-tech compound bows and accessories and traditional archery equipment such as longbows and recurves. Includes detailed advice on choosing bows; arrows for hunting or target shooting; broadheads; bowsights; arrow rests; mechanical releases; and other important equipment. Veteran bowhunter and outdoor writer H. Lea Lawrence discusses the six steps to correct shooting form: stance, nocking, drawing, holding, aiming, and release. North American big-game animals are covered as well, along with the most effective bowhunting techniques. Tree stands for the bowhunter, driving techniques for whitetails, stalking, hunting small game and birds, bowfishing, and other tactics are all included.

Lawrence also discusses bowhunting ethics and provides information on major bowhunting and archery organizations and government regulating agencies. For anyone interested in pursuing game animals with a bow, this book is required reading.

H. Lea Lawrence has been taking photographs and writing about the outdoors for more than 30 years. With credits in most major outdoor magazines, he has written half a dozen books, including The Ultimate Guide to Small Game and Varmint Hunting and A Hemingway Odyssey: Special Places in His Life (1999).

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