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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Best of Fishing, Hunting, Camping, and Boating in Missouri: Tips from an Outdoor Enthusiast

Charles J. Farmer (Author)

In The Best of Fishing, Hunting, Camping, and Boating in Missouri, Charlie Farmer, an avid outdoorsman and the author of Unspoiled Beauty: A Personal Guide to Missouri Wilderness, provides the reader with some excellent tips for making the most of the four major outdoor nature activities that are available in Missouri. He also shares many of the fascinating adventures he has had during a lifetime of participating in his favorite pastimes.

Fishing—Learn about Missouri’s premier fishing lakes; trout parks and their locations; how to catch bass and bluegill; fishing for muskies; the best time to fish; the right and wrong way to catch a fish; night fishing; which fishing lures work best; the proper fishing lines to use; tips for fishing with kids; and what to include in a tackle box.

Hunting—Learn the best locations for hunting; the optimal habitat for deer, turkey, and squirrels; the different species of ducks and geese and their characteristics; how to field dress birds and waterfowl; about hunting dogs and various hunting clubs; and read about the author’s hunting experiences, first with his dad and, later, with his own son.

Camping—Find out which camping companies are best and where the ultimate camping spots are located. Learn about camping checklists and safety tips; the history of camping equipment; sources for camping information; rules of public land; and camping in winter. Farmer also includes a listing of the national and state lands in Missouri and information on the recreational opportunities they offer.     

Boating—Discover the vital role that boats, canoes, and houseboats play in enhancing the splendor of the streams and lakes and learn boating safety tips. Read about Farmer’s own frightening experience on Table Rock Lake during a terrible storm.

Clearly written and very readable, The Best of Fishing, Hunting, Camping, and Boating in
Missouri is an informative and useful book for all of the outdoor-lovers in the Show-Me State and surrounding areas. 

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