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Monday, March 28, 2011

Endangered Species: Foxhunting - The History, the Passion and the Fight for Survival

Michael Clayton (Author)

The plight of foxhunting people as an 'Endangered Species' became actue on 15th September 2004 when the House of Commons decided by 190 votes to ban hunting eighteen months hence - the Labour government saying that it intended to over-rule the House of Lords by using the controversial Parliament Act. It was widely condemned as an assult on the liberties and traditions of our countryside. There could be no more apropriate time for the publication of Michael Clayton's highly entertaining and informative celebration of modern foxhunting. Clayton provides a revelatory insider's account of the political battles to save hunting right up to the final Commons debate, amid the high drama of protestors invading the House of Commons while thousands jeered outside. A life-long foxhunter, Clayton provides in details the story of the sport's survival throughout the tumultuous twentieth century, with authoritative chapters on hounds and horses, and colourful memories of the sport's leading huntsmen and Masters, their achievements and eccentricities.

About the Author
Michael Clayton wrote a weekly column, "Foxford's Hunting Diary" throughout his 25 years' Editorship of Horse and Hound. The column reported riding to hounds with over 250 hunts in Britain, the USA and elsewhere. His Editorship included a term as Editor-in-Chief of Country Life, The Field and The Shooting Times. He continues to hunt regularly in Leicestershire and Rutland, where he lives, and to write on hunting and equestrianism. His previous books include "A Hunting We Will Go", "The Golden Thread", "The Chase" and "Foxhunting in Paradise" and his latest book Ronnie Wallace: A Manual of Foxhunting (1 904057 12 8) was published in October 2003.

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