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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seasons & Days: A Hunting Life

Thomas McIntyre (Author)

"The desire to hunt and kill comes from a place well before reason and words, so that when it arises it does so almost always beyond articulation. Most hunters can't even say when it began for them." In this compendium, McIntyre covers such topics as stag hunting in Scotland, turkey hunting in Mexico, alligator hunting in Florida, kudu hunting in Africa, and much more. HUNTING DAYS explores what lives in the heart of every hunter, and in so doing truly captures the essence of the hunt. Through numerous stories about hunting, Thomas McIntyre captivates his readers by bringing them right into the action of the intense struggle between the hunter and his prey. Recounted are stories that encompass various aspects of the hunt, including: The sobering and spiritual pursuit of a bandtail pigeon; Hunting grouse in the north country of British Columbia; Wading in icy mud at dawn while setting out decoys for mallard ducks; First impressions of a wild turkey strutting into range; Hunting wildfowl and fishing for bass in Castro's Cuba; Hunting pronghorns on the sage-covered plains in Wyoming; Battling the cold while hunting wild pigs in a canyon in California; And much more From this seasoned hunter and gifted writer come tales of courage, ethics, intensity, and the overall thrill of the hunt. To McIntyre, it is not the prize but the chase that serves as the ultimate reward--ringing true the words of the Spanish philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset: "I hunt not to kill, but to have hunted."

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