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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hunting in the Great West: (Rustlings in the Rockies)

G.O. Shields (Author)

1888. Shields (Coquina), a frequent contributor to American Field, offers interesting sketches to enlighten people on the importance of healthy outdoor sports and in the protection of fish and game. Contents: Rustlings in the Rockies; The Party Organized; On the Way to Wyoming; Meditations in a Wiciup; A Perilous Experience; In the Big Horn Mountains; In the Yellowstone Valley; At the Forks of the Rosebud; The Happy Hunting Ground; Through the Canyon of the Little Big Horn; A Grand Day's Sport; A Busy Day; From Custer to Keough; Ten Days in Montana; Life on the Plains; After the Buffaloes; Two Hundred Thousand Buffaloes; Through an Extinct Hell!; The Gulf Coast of Florida; The Gulf of Mexico; Snead's Island; On Board the Sky-Lark; Deer-Stalking and Fire-Fishing; Four Days on the Myakka River; Words of Advice to Tourists to Florida; Recollections of Boyhood; The Days of Long Ago; Trouting on the Namecagon; Pike and Bass Fishing on Long Lake; The Lake Superior Region; Autumn Ramblings in Northern Michigan; The Island of Mackinac; and A Narrow Escape.

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