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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buck Peterson's Complete Guide to Bird Hunting: Or How to Avoid Sitting-Duck Syndrome While Cleaning & Eating Birds of a Feather

Buck Peterson (Author), J. Angus Mclean (Illustrator)

Targeting those bird hunters of a feather who flock together, outdoor funnyman Buck Peterson scours the skies and fields to find the latest victims of his special brand of hunting humor. In this third book in Buck'¬?s hunting series-following DEER HUNTING and FISHING-Buck trains his eagle eye on the intricacies of hunting fowl. You'¬?ll learn the proper way to position yourself for a wedding chapel dove shoot, build a duck-hunting blind with favorable feng shui, and prepare a tasty Beer-Keg Feral Peacock. Considering such thought-provoking topics as upland birding, waterfowling, truck guns and gundogs, in-laws, and other odd ducks, this raucous handbook is birdbrained entertainment at its best.

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