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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Duck Hunting on Currituck Sound: Tales from a Native Gunner

Travis Morris (Author)

Nestled in the northeast corner of North Carolina, Currituck County boasts a unique combination of captivating history and resplendent natural beauty. The county's barrier islands, tidal marshes, forests and estuaries have for centuries attracted everything from early European settlers and pirates to wild horses and porpoises. And ducks. Scores and scores of ducks.

Few areas in the country can compare to Currituck County when it comes to duck hunting. Since the late 1800s, hunters have traveled to the county for the abundant wildfowl and outstanding hunting conditions, and for many gunners it has been the definition of a sportsman's paradise. One such gunner is Travis Morris, whose family has lived in Currituck County for generations. For more than sixty years, Morris has plied the county's waters in search of mallards, widgeons, teal, coot and more, all the while amassing a wealth of knowledge on the history and tradition of duck hunting in the area.

In this fascinating book, Morris writes with heart about his life as a gunner. From recollections of the Whalehead Club in the 1940s to tales of the "Roving Hunters" to details on a number of the area's hunt clubs, Morris provides a bevy of information and countless memorable stories that celebrate Currituck County's rich duck hunting heritage. Whether you're a longtime hunter or have never sighted down a single-barrel 410 hammer shotgun, Duck Hunting in Currituck Sound is sure to delight.

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