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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coyote: Biology and Control in South Carolina

The coyote has the general appearance of a small shepherdtype dog; standing 23 to 26 inches at the shoulder with a slim muzzle, erect pointed ears and a bushy tail.

The fur is generally a grizzled, grayish-brown but varies greatly from a light tan or reddish-tan to almost black. The typical coyote weighs 30 to 45 lbs, though coyotes over 60 lbs. have been recorded in other states.

Coyote tracks are similar to other dog tracks; however a coyote’s tracks are usually longer than they are wide. Their tracks are usually more compact than dogs’, and their stride is longer, about 16-18 inches while trotting. Typical coyote tracks are 2-3 inches long and 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide with the front heel pad being larger than the rear. Often, only the middle two claws will be present in the tracks.

Coyote scat varies depending on their diet. Often it is cigar shaped and may contain bone, hair, berries and seeds. Coyote scat may also be nearly formless and dark red to black in color after feeding on larger animals. The most likely places to find coyote scat is along dirt roads, on ridges, trails, near large rocks or prominent clumps of vegetation. It is believed that coyote scat is often deposited to mark territories.


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