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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Summary of Missouri Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Effective: March 1, 2010

New Information in 2010
■ Nonresident landowner spring turkey hunting permits are no longer available. Nonresident landowners age 16 and older must now purchase the Nonresident Spring Turkey Hunting Permit at the regular price. Resident and nonresident youth age 6 to 15 may purchase spring turkey hunting permits at half the price of resident permits.
■ The Cable Restraint Permit is no longer required; however, trappers must successfully complete an approved training course. Also, cable restraints now may be used from Dec. 15, 2010, through Feb. 28, 2011.
■ Thermal imagery equipment cannot be used while hunting.
■ The daily limit for squirrels has been raised from 6 to 10, and the possession limit is now 20.
■ Otter and muskrat trapping zones have been eliminated. The statewide season is Nov. 15 through Feb. 20 throughout the state, with no daily or possession limit.
■ Registering and tagging trapped otters must be done by April 10.
■ To keep chronic wasting disease out of Missouri, new guidelines have been set for hunters bringing deer, elk and moose carcasses into the state. See page 15.

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