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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Predator Calling With Gerry Blair

According to the book description of Predator Calling With Gerry Blair, “Read the book today, and kill coyotes tomorrow. The promise may seem a bit far-fetched, but using Gerry Blair's proven techniques, the reality of successful predator hunting is closer than it appears. As one of the fastest growing and most popular segments of the hunting industry, people from all walks of life are looking to rid their property of predators, and are looking for details about new rifle calibers, shotgun ammunition, new digital electronic callers, camouflage patterns, blinds and other advances to help get the job done. Predator Calling With Gerry Blair, 2nd Ed. delivers the latest news, from the best in the business.”

One reader of Predator Calling With Gerry Blair said, “Mr. Blair has put together a nice book here, covering most species of furbearers that are commonly 'screamed' to. He covers about all aspects of it, although in some topics it is a bit light (fortunately those are topics that nobody can agree on anyway, so who needs another opinion, right?) By this, I refer to topics such as gun selection and the like.

I've been hunting and knocking around in the woods my entire life, and I did learn some things; particularly useful are the chapters on each species detailing their behavior, habits, and strategies to call them successfully.

He does seem to have more experience hunting the west, which is quite a lot different than hunting the Midwest or the south, but his tactics and ideas are still useful. Well worth the purchase price; even if you only call them into a camera, this is a useful book, as he touches on that as well. His style of writing is never dry and frequently humorous; the kind of guy that you would probably enjoy hunting with.

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